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GATHERING 2008   |  »PERFECT PARADOX«    |    15-22 June

including: INTO THE JUNGLE: Improvisation Laboratory   |   16-20 June

International artists explore the expansive landscape of Paradox : offering workshops and outings, facilitating debates and experiments, showing films and performances, and much more. Info

Each day begins with the Improvisation Laboratory : a common departure point for all participants; a research into different improvisational states of mind; an exploration into personal forms of expression and collective experiences in improvising. Info

Come spend a week with us in the beautiful German countryside! Come experience paradox in the studio and lake, around the campfire and ping-pong table, while watching the stars, and enjoying yummy food.

Still possible to join! Also for just a few days, if you're unable to come for the whole week.

PB is a dynamic and multifaceted artistic entity serving as research laboratory, event organization, learning institute, production company, publishing house, and online resource community.

Our primary mission is to launch an ongoing exchange about how artists regard and approach their work, cultivate and nurture collaborations, interact and communicate with audiences, and connect with social activism efforts in local communities and across the globe. Info

* We invite you to be a part of the naming process by letting us know which   one speaks to you more and why.  





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